Flower Press-On Nails
Flower Press-On Nails
Flower Press-On Nails
Flower Press-On Nails
Flower Press-On Nails

Flower Press-On Nails

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Pretty, Premium Press-On Nails That Pop 

Who has time for salon visits these days? Not you. Between work, kids and life, you’re busier  than ever. But you still deserve gorgeously glam nails. 

And you’ll get everything you deserve (with compliments included) with our Flower Press-On Nails – prettiness delivered.  

Our premium gel press-on nails are: 

  • Custom-Cut: Get the perfect personalized fit. 
  • Natural Nail Friendly: Made with 100% premium gel – keeping your natural nails  strong, healthy and protected from harsh chemicals. 
  • Salon-Real: Experience salon quality with a natural, flawless finish. 
  • Chip-Proof: Lasts up to 3 weeks. 
  • Easy-Breezy: Just press and go! 

No appointments, no hassle. Just stunning nails on demand. And they’re blooming beautifully with vibrant pops of color and a signature floral design. 

Treat your tips to our Blossoming Elegance Press-On Nails today. Your hands have never been  so happy!

What's included:

This is a set of 10 nails in pre-determined sizes, or you can customize your sizes.
You'll receive a prep kit with everything needed to apply your nails along with detailed written instructions.

 Nails pictured are in long stiletto. 

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